What do I need?

Volunteers! Small events can manage with 4 people, big ones need 8-10+ people in busy times.

A Coordinator

A mains pressure tap that allows a hose to be connected to it.

An electrical power point to supply 240V AC.

A safe, registered vehicle to collect and return a trailer.

A water proof tent with openable sides is recommended for shade and in case of rain.

Is this OH&S compliant?

"We had to get legal advice from one of the leading law firms in Melbourne saying that using a reusable cup would not contravene the health regulations," Ms Forsyth said.

If you've every slept in a hotel you would know that intimate contact with reusable items isn't as bad as it sounds ... As long as they wash them of course.

What is in the trailer?

The Trailer is a mobile washing up station with the required equipment to service events of up to 10,000 people.

See Below for a breakdown.

WAW Contents

How do we stop people from putting things into the bins?

WAW charge for lost dishes and equipment. This can add $80-250 to the invoiced amount!

To control this cost we encourage you to educate everyone on site on the use of WAW. This includes food vendors, MC’s and visitors. Please remind people not to take anything home and to put reusable items into the baskets provided.